The In Arduis Fidelis – Lodge of Instruction (Aldershot) operated regularly in the 1960’s. For reasons unknown it ceased to operate in May 1969.

In order to provide a training base for those Masons who lived in the area of Aldershot and were relatively new to the craft, the Lodge of Instruction was reformed in February 1987. It met regularly since that date at the Western Road Scout Centre, Aldershot.

The Lodge now meets in London for a Lodge of Instruction on the date of the January Meeting, as the Freemasons Arms, followed by dinner.  We commence at 2pm, and dine at 5.30.

The Preceptor is W.Bro Anthony (Tony) Eaton 01252 651886, and the Assistant is the Lodge Secretary, WBro Tim Pashen.  The Director of Ceremonies assists the new WM in the work of the Lodge throughout his year, and the next WM at the LOI meeting.

Although it is the In Arduis Fidelis Lodge of Instruction, members from other Lodges who might be interested are very welcome.

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