Companions of the In Arduis Fidelis Royal Arch Chapter no 3432 cordially invite any Companion to a visit of our Holy Royal Arch Chapter.  Details from the webmaster or Scribe / Secretary (EComp Nigel Warren or DC EComp Les Clarke SLGCR)

Spring Fair.

Each year the Association of Friends of Prince George Duke Of Kent Court holds its Spring Fair at the Home which has always been magnificently supported by London Masons.

The Association would like to ask for your help once again to enable them to improve the quality of life of the residents at the Home by providing extra facilities that they otherwise would not receive. 

To save costs in printing The Association are not sending out batches of tickets so if you wish to send a donation or purchase tickets, please use the form on this page It is hoped that as many London members as possible will attend on the day.  The Association is, as ever, grateful for your support and thanks you on behalf of the residents.



If any Brother has invitations to include here please contact the webmaster WBro Des Hillier

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