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United Grand Lodge of England This lodge is formed under the constitution of the United Grand Lodge of England and meets in London (at Great Queens Street) on Wednesday afternoons in March (installation), May, September, November and January (LOI for the next WM).

The website has been approved by MetGL and the Chartermark is our unique approval.

logo of the MetGL Charity
We are a foundation Lodge of the new London Metropolitan Masonic Charity Appeal.  In Arduis Fidelis Lodge no. 3432 is one of the first Lodges to be recognised as a Foundation Lodge of the new MMC Appeal.    Be proud Brethren!

 London Freemasons join the fight against cancer.

We welcome visitors.  Please visit the Lodge year page for meetings and contact details.

If you are ex Royal Army Medical Corps, or Army Medical Services (Regular or Territorial) or have an interest in the RAMC and would like more details about our lodge, or joining Freemasonry in general, please contact the webmaster

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