The Secretary of the Centenary Committee was WBro Lt Col Jonathan Deans. LGR.

May 2010

We had an excellent Centenary meeting and weere honoured by the visit of the Past MW Pro Grand Master, the Earl of Northampton.  He was saluted with 11 in form and bade the Brethren well,

We dined in the New Connaught Rooms with a comedy act as support which included WBro Jim Davidson LGR OBE.

The Lodge rasied over 5500 saved for the centenary festival at the May meeting in 2010. The Connaught Rooms were booked and 3500 was raised for a new banner (albeit a facsimile of the old ones) which went to Provincial Grand Lodge for approval. The Prov. GL Organising Officer was approached and plans  drawn up about invited Masonic Dignitaries, centenary jewels, and the menu options for the evening meal.

The Secretary was pleased to report that he had received the petition for the Lodge Centenary Warrant from Grand Lodge, and in due time a centenary Warrant.

WBro Jonathan Deans agreed to prepare the Centenary History.  Copies are held in the Lodge Ceremony box if you would like one.

March 2008

At the regular Lodge Committee meeting the Secretary reported that Met GL had issued a Certificate of Continuity for the Lodge (which reduces the burden on the Lodge in that we do not have to provide documentary evidence of meetings over the century.

The meeting  also discussed the need for the new Lodge banner being approved by Met GL, the Secretary has provisionally booked the Connaught Rooms, the centenary jewel was discussed as was the idea of commissioning commemorative cuff links.

WBro Jonathan Deans agreed to complete the Lodge History (building on the 50 years History completed by WBro Ken Rouse. Jonathan will be very busy over the summer!  (update for 2009 - he obviously had a very busy summer as it is still on his to-do list!)

May 2007

A meeting of the steering committee was held.  Details of the organisation of the centenary meeting are starting to emerge. Met GL have now been approached and will be represented at the meeting.

Areas of discussion were:
The monies that should be identified for the meeting and festive board
The cost of the Centenary warrant.
The replacement banner
The festive board
Official guests
The Lodge Centenary Jewel

A notice of motion will be made at the September 2007 meeting to raise subscriptions by 15 to cover much of the cost of the event.

March 2006.

WBro Hillier proposed in open Lodge to commission a new banner to mark the Centenary of the Lodge in 2010. Three competitive quotes were obtained and the matter discussed at the November 2005, January 2006 and March 2006 Committee Meetings. After debate the Committee supported commissioning Mayfield Jays (of Bordon) to complete the works and this was proposed to the Lodge assembled. The vote was carried. The budget cost will be 3800 (incl. VAT).

March 2005.

The main committee meeting held before the Lodge meeting also considered matters related to the Centenary.

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